Shine Like Hailey Parade Safety Act

Trey Brooks

As parents, you never think that you will be working to carry on your child’s legacy after they have physically left this world as we know it. As Hailey’s family, we are trying to figure out each day, each moment, how to move forward and build that legacy. We look for meaningful ways to make a difference, especially in areas representing Hailey.

The immediate item that Hailey would want to be addressed is to do everything in our power to minimize the possibility of another similar tragedy. Those living locally may have seen the news that the Shine Like Hailey Parade Safety Act was proposed by Hailey’s local representatives in the state legislature; Mary WillisBode (Senate), Frank Sossaman (House), and Matthew Winslow (House). We wanted to thank each of them for their time with us, hearing our concerns and suggestions about what can be done. The proposed bills were a step to getting the bill to committee and, hopefully, promote dialogue around common-sense laws to provide safety measures for parades than most believed to exist. We hope that this leads to substantive guidelines that all municipalities, not just here in North Carolina but around the country, will choose to follow so Parades can continue to be enjoyed while also limiting the risks for our most vulnerable, who also happens to be the biggest reason many would consider that parades exist.

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